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At last after 6 dry weeks a wet day, this gives rise to 2 worries, will it know when to stop and fly strike. The good thing about a blog is how odd each of my postings look a few weeks later, worries about the  wet replaced by panic about crop emergence in the dry, so it is worth keeping it up.


Sowing is all done after one of the latest toughest seasons I have ever known. Yields will be well down but at least we will have a harvest, I had my doubts about that earlier. Calving is almost over and all the heifers are finished and have been no trouble. Lambing is a distant memory and now the thought of it is almost bearable again. Lamb numbers are significantly lower than last year due to the awful weather. Costs are higher too, the rise in meat prices will have to continue or headage payments return however for us to last much longer. The amount of work and grief in keeping sheep needs to be better rewarded to ease the £80 a week in quad fuel alone.


Work on the wind project is taking more and more of my time. The problems are similar to farming (bureaucracy, laziness and greed) but are more easily solved as we are in a profitable industry and competition in the rapidly growing market is cutthroat. Deals and offers can be changed very quickly and knowing when to sign up takes nerve and a lot of advice. We are on  the way to a major change in our lives in terms of income so it will be interesting to look back over this time  and remember how hard it was to achieve.



He his-self said:

Oh, I forgot to add an update about China. The charity we support has  this web update. Sobering stuff and puts all our problems into very sharp perspective.

May 29, 2008 2:58 PM [Delete]

Isabel Davies said:

There are alot of pople saying they will get out of sheep and it is getting to the point where it isn't empty threats. It is make or break for many sheep producers at the moment.

June 5, 2008 2:39 PM [Delete]
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