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October 2010 - Posts

  • Travels in an electric taxi

    Our trip continues, one thing you can say about China is it is a land of contrasts. Yesterday we were in the Pearl market shopping. A first world store full of both real and fake goods sold with an aggressive gusto that would make Alan Sugar look tame and timid. Afternoon was the wholesale market for professional buyers from Next and other brands. After that we went to tea at our friends house, a Scandinavian designed marble floored palace. But just 500m away the workers building the next block lived in one room with sacking for a door. The electric taxi? That was how we got back to the underground, no lights, pitch dark, across a building site, no brakes versus the ready mix concrete trucks. Some people pay a fortune for thrill rides, if they want real fear they should have a go at that.
  • Beijing

    Here in Beijing at last after the usual marathon flight. This despite the E ticket system insisting that no matter us all having tickets, seats and a confirmed return trip it was only going to give us one boarding card. Amazing how far that one card can get you though. Landing in Beijing gives you some idea of the size of the Chinese renewable energy industry, we flew over vast wind parks never less a hundred and fifty turbines in each and we passed dozens of such parks. Off to Tienanmen Square now for a look round.
  • Holidaaaays!

    Yes folks it is holiday time. Having worked far too many hours for far too little we are off to see a bit of the world. Early tomorrow we go to the airport for the flight to Amsterdam and then on to Beijing. The Forbidden City is a short walk from where we are staying and we intend to visit all the other sights. We have some "official" stuff to do with government offices but that will only take a day and the rest of the time we are just tourists. So I hope to update this blog and post the odd picture and yes I am taking my FW with me to read in the odd quiet moment.
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