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November 2008 - Posts - Herself's Blog

November 2008 - Posts

As usual, slightly late, but still wondering about the USA election results. I have a vested interest as I have Aunt Arizona who is politically active and expects the world to follow her example. After a lifetime of republicanism she marvelled at the existence of Mrs. Clinton. We had a bet going. Hisself assured Aunt that no woman with ankles like Mrs. C would get to be a presidential candidate - Aunt Az said she would - and in the end I got something lovely delivered by airmail.

In the early days of the campaign Aunt Az felt that Clinton votes would go to McCain if she was not elected. Enter a college beauty queen [says Aunt Az - I have not checked] from Alaska and suddenly Obama had all the qualities an elderly republican lady could want: Good education, intelligence and name directly from the pages of Bible.

Many more people than usual voted. Apart from Aunt Az I follow a blog by a Finn living in USA. Devout Christian and republican she was shedding bitter tears unable to vote while my American pals here in the UK voted and had an Obama Mama -party too. The expat votes are a funny thing. According to European law my national election vote must go for my country of origin while in local elections I can vote wherever I live permanently.

So I have no say who goes to Westminster but I should be able to choose a candidate in Finland. The problem being that I lost contact with political reality there 20 years ago. In UK terms that would leave you lot thinking Maggie T policies and casting a vote accordingly. The fun side is that I can vote in all Scottish election. They are regional matters. Having a Scottish parliament was supposedly a regional matter and I will have a say when it comes to Scottish independence too!!!! SNP has kindly promised to let me keep voting in national matters when Scotland becomes independent. I do appreciate the gesture. Nice to think that Scotland accepts me as  one of its own. In British sense I have always felt the cold wind of us and them, me definitely being one of the latter.

We have a week free of any kind of work crew or specialist. I was getting a bit overwhelmed with the stress so Hisself took me out and began the restoration of my nicer personality with smoked salmon and chocolate. Not maybe the way you think. He got me a picnic lunch of rice cakes, cheap tub of salmon flakes and we shared 2l bottle of fizzy water. Followed by a large chocolate bar. As the weather was not too nice we enjoyed this treat in the supermarket car park. He can make me smile any day!

It has been a weekend of extra sleep, friends and books in front of the fire. Not for Hisself who is still drying grain but the girls and I needed a change from the mud. My newly re-installed fireplace in the office is working now. To begin with it was smiles all round but then the smoke began to gather next door. Chimney sweep came and murmured something about cold chimneys and still days and told us to try again. So I did this morning. Couple of hours later I remembered the smoke problem and rushed to the room next door to see if I had gassed No1 son by accident. It was a breezy day, the chimney was working as it should and one very angry young man wanted to know why I had woken him up before lunch??