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September 2009 - Posts - Herself's Blog

September 2009 - Posts

As repair and rescue work continues in the house I have been allowed to overdose with my favourite activities. Laying laminate flooring and building kit furniture. I would go as far as say that my ideal two week holiday would be an empty house where I could floor to my hearts content for a week and then take a truckload sized delivery from IKEA for the second week's activities. Me, workbench, jigsaw and the drill....ahh, blisss!

Somewhere in between the jobs we dropped No1 son to University. He seems to have settled well but is visiting this weekend. Not to see us but to get his sleeping bag (for rough weekends) and kilt (for posher times). For obvious reasons I have decided that it may be better not to ask for further information. We miss him, especially No5, who calls every day just to say hello. That girl did make her claim when we were leaving his flat and saying goodbye on the pavement - slobbered big bro with large and very wet kisses in front of all the females who were moving in at the time. Do not think it did his street credit any harm on the long run.

We were in the unlucky corner of Scotland were floods swelled up the waterways and many people were washed out of their houses. Some farmers experienced the flood harvest too. Ready grain was washed down stream and flood waters brought some bales from upstream. The end result looked a lot like conventional harvest, sadly no grain made it to the shed, nor pennies to the pocket. The fields ended up soaked and although rest of the harvest was made in excellent conditions, dust flying behind the combines, the ground is rutted and there was more than one ready digger spotted following the combines round the field.

It has been the week that killed not only one but two laptops. No2 daughter over stretched her hard drive and it exploded like an overstuffed turkey, several new bits are coming from the USA and Hisself thinks he can fix it all. No3 son's laptop was more difficult - the blue screen of death itself. Hisself had the bright idea to call manufacturer's support line and to his great surprise Granny, with the laptop, had bought a business support cover. A courier will pick it up tomorrow and it will be returned in seven days either repaired or replaced by the latest model. Astonishing. We congratulated Granny who was totally unaware of what she had purchased at the time. Granny was so pleased with herself that she bought No4 daughter a laptop too.

Tonight for the first time for more weeks that I care to count all our floor boards are where they belong, firmly screwed down. Only two rooms need decorating and only office interior is spread over the hallway and up the stairs. Is it light I see in the end of the tunnel?