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November 2009 - Posts - Herself's Blog

November 2009 - Posts

Sitting here torn between the excitement of recognising Chinese characters and writing a blog post. Blog is winning. I have started beginners Mandarin in the Open University and it is taking every one of the few spare minutes I have. Just finding it slightly difficult to repeat the umpteenth time that “I am English”. I’m not!!!! Still, managing slightly better than the Irish in my group. For a day or so I was proud I could say to No5 that she is Chinese – then I came across this study that explained how damaging it was for intercountry adopted children to underline that they are different from people around them. So Sugelan (Scotland) it is from now on…. I wanted to nominate Hisself for the sexiest farmer competition. He is just not willing. Words like “consequences” and “retaliation” were mentioned and I really want a coffee bean grinder from Santa.......................................................................... In the house and on the farm we are nearing normality. Normal is usually disasters taking over our well laid plans, but for the time being everything is going smoothly (should I touch wood?). All furniture is where it should be and in a week or sometime in near future should finish the last painting jobs. The material from upstairs storage is slowly turning into new curtains and I may even manage to make some seasonal crafts come December. Do you feel the sense of calm and achievement? I did. Then Hisself and sons found this perfect farm on the market and they all wanted to move. Brilliant buy, good value for money, fantastic steading – no wonder, the house is less than perfect. No windows, no heating, rising damp, holes in the roof… Reason is slowly sinking in – it will be us oldies staying put and next generation getting farms to get started with. It may be November but I am so looking forward to Christmas. “The Beast” is in the freezer waiting for a piggy to join him. I have several new cook books lined up via my library van and in-laws coming for two weeks. This will be cooking indulgence extraordinaire! I love cooking, the family loves eating and when it all goes wrong the dog is happy to help. If everything else in life was so beautifully balanced!