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I am in the very slim minority of American men who doesn't care much for football.  I just don't get much out of it, I feel that way about most sports.  However, when it comes to our high school team in both football and basketball, I do show some interest.  Therefore, I am blogging tonight about our high school team making it to the state playoff tomorrow.  I will not be driving the 150 or so miles to the game, but I will listen on the radio.  Small town America is dominated by two features, church and school.  High school sports dominate the community focus the most regarding school, that is somewhat of a shame but it is the way it is.  Alot of adults relive their glory days through the younger generation playing ball, too bad that same emphasis isn't put on academics. 

Our boys are tough this year, tough, smart, athletic, and team players.  Our coach is approaching legend status.  Of course, if we weren't 11-0 they would be "the boys" instead of "our boys" and "Coach" said with pride and admiration would be "coach" said with at best tolerance.  I have posted before that the movie "Hoosiers" set in the 1950s in Indiana accurately portrays life in a small US farming town.  I found out a few weeks ago in the UK the movie was called "Best Shot".  It is about basketball(stars Gene Hackman and Barbara Hershey, and remarkably Sheb Wooley of Purple People Eater fame) but it give a very good portrayal of the way a town gets involved when their high school team has a good season, such as our team has had this fall. 

If we get past tomorrow, we play for the state 8 man championship next Saturday.  The smallest schools play 8 man football instead of 11 man, due to small enrollments. I was on the school board when we made the switch due to our community getting smaller all the time....grown men were almost reduced to tears because they just didn't feel 8 man was real football.  After almost 10 years all that is over, their chests are thrown out with pride, and tomorrow just like in "Hoosiers" a long line of cars will depart our small town and make the 2+ hour drive to cheer on the home team.  Tomorrow all the problems with the weather and economy will be forgotten, the worry over how Obama will govern will go by the wayside, and the focus all across Kansas will be football as high school teams in 8 classes compete to play in their respective championship games next weekend.  This time tomorrow night, our town will either be celebrating moving on to the next step, or somber thinking what might have been.



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