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Giving Thanks.

Today, Thursday, is Thanksgiving, a holiday that has roots back to the days of the Pilgrims in the 1600s.  The idea behind it is giving thanks for harvest and all we have.  To me it is one of our last "pure" holidays because it doesn't involve gifts of any kind, it simply involves getting together with family and friends and enjoying life, and maybe a football game(that reminds me, our high school team got knocked out of the playoffs so they did not go to state).  The meal is traditionally loaded with food that originated in North America, turkey is the staple meat, cranberry sauce, sweet potatoes or yams, corn and pumpkin pie for dessert are on almost all menus tomorrow.  Stuffing is as well, if you are from the south it might be cornbread stuffing.  I don't know how it works in the UK, but over here holidays can get to be a balancing act in what family you go to see, your family or the in-laws...this can get really complicated these days due to divorce.  My brother is off to Indiana to see his much beloved in-laws, Mrs KF has graciously excused me from going to her mothers families get together Friday.  Today we ate lunch with her grandparents and uncle, tomorrow we will have a very quite meal with my parents at our home, Amy is busily cooking as I write, whipping up a batch of my families treasured butterhorn dinner rolls just like my Grandmother use to make, couple these light airy rolls with turkey and gravy and I am like a pig in the mud.....pure heaven.

 Our society is definitely more openly religious than yours, so tomorrow while not actually a religious holiday does carry a certain religious air.  The Pilgrims left England because they did not want to belong to the church of England, the first in a long line of people who have come to this nation from all over the world to escape religious persecution.  During these very uncertain times, it is comforting to take a day and stop to be thankful for all we have in this nation.  I know I am going to enjoy the day, and try hard to remember each and every thing I have to be thankful for.

 Ironically Friday is considered the first really big day of the Christmas shopping season, I am sure the news media will be entrenched Friday trying to judge just how well people are spending money, if it doesn't go well the stock market will probably tank Monday.



burocrat basher said:


I spent Thanksgiving with a friend of mine's family in San Antonio Texas and I found it very comforting that people firstly all got together and that a Nation of Plenty still took their Food seriously and appreciated good food. They seemed to like all my old smutty jokes from England perhaps that was food for the Soul ,one of the few things they can't Tax here!!!

November 27, 2008 5:03 PM [Delete]
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