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A surprise storm.

Wrote a blog with this title two days ago, for some reason it never got posted, at least not that I can see,so I will try again.  After 3 weeks of the hottest weather we have had in 10 years with highs in the high 90s to mid 100s, we have gotten some relief. 

Friday night a red line of storms on radar appeared as though it would miss us, but we just caught the southern tip.  My farm narrowly missed what was either a small tornado or an extremely narrow downburst.  Mrs. KF and I were watching the 10pm weather, the last thing we heard from the weatherman was "the threat for severe weather is over for this evening" when our electricity went out.  My parents(who just live 3/4 of a mile to the west) still had their power, as did my neighbors directly to the east, so I assumed lightening had hit the breaker at the end of the lane and went to bed after calling in the outage(to a very aggravating automated system).  Sometime in the middle of the night a power truck drove into the yard, but left without restoring our lights.  When we still had no electricity at 6am I called the neighbor to the north who is on the same line we are.  It was then I learned that just 250 yards to the north of my house on the other side of the river there had been lots of wind damage, and about 15 poles were down.  After going up and seeing some of the damage, I was relieved that it had not hit the farmstead, but also a little concerned how a storm this strong could occur without notice from the National Weather Service before or after.

From that strong storm we got .6 of an inch of rain, then Saturday night another .25.  Yesterday we had a slow, gentle rain the entire day that added up to an additional 1.5 inches.  This moisture will go a long way toward making a fall crop, although we are not out of the woods yet as far as hot dry weather goes.


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