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Time to put on the orange hat.

 It's that time of year again, when the countryside is crawling with people of dubious intelligence carrying high powered rifles...deer season.  For the 10 day stretch that started the 1st of December,  I have a bright orange hat, the kind hunters are required to wear, "hunter orange" it is called.  The idea being nobody can mistake someone in bright orange for a deer.

I've probably said it before, deer season is a mixed blessing.  The countryside is lousy with deer, I read in  a farm paper yesterday Missouri hunters took 188000 deer in their November rifle season.  The problem is, deer are only slightly more of a nuisance than deer hunters. 

Starting in 2000 we began leasing our land to out of state hunters for a fee, this didn't go over well with the locals who were accustom to hunting for free.  As time has gone by I have refined the deer hunting business some, it now provides a huge percentage of my yearly net income.  There always seem to be "issues" though, either with getting paid, or unhappy hunters.  One of my 5 rifle hunters had a very unhappy day today, someone shot too close to him this morning, then drove too close to him this afternoon.  He didn't see a big buck, and this evening discovered someone had stolen one of his deer stands.  Something tells me he might not be back next year.

Lucky for me, the USA is full of people hungering to take a shot at a deer.  I have had hunters from Texas, Alabama, Louisiana, Colorado, Arkansas, and Pennsylvania.  I have a list of people who will pay to hunt should any of these fellows decide not to come back.

There were nearly 10000 car deer accidents in Kansas last year, Mrs. KF was involved in one of them, doing over $6000 of damage to her new Toyota RAV 4.  Deer do considerable damage to growing crops.  Lease hunting is one way to recover some of those losses.   I think overall I get hunters that are more cautious about where they shoot, but it still makes me a little nervous each day as I go about my business knowing there are so many rifles pointed who knows where.  A round from a .243 or 30.06 goes a long way. 


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