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March 2012 - Posts

  • The year without a winter.

     While still officially in winter, it hardly feels like it today with a very warm and humid 80 degrees.  Cutting up two big trees that died near my well, I got pretty sweat soaked this afternoon.  The 10 day forecast shows the lowest high to be 66F, the new 30 day came out today for April and shows a broad area of the USA with much above normal temps for the upcoming month.  There are already bugs out everywhere, the frogs are singing in the evening, trees budding, and I keep reminding myself to watch for snakes.  

     I suppose the cause and reason for this warm weather is up for debate, my Yahoo homepage trumpeted the fact that 250 locations set record high temps for this date today.  What is not up for debate is that on my farm this winter we never had a real winter, in fact we only had 5 really cold nights.  It was warm enough it never killed my winter feed turnips.  This warm winter was fortunate for our drought stricken area given hay was in such short supply.  Of course it was also easier on the livestock in general, the ax I use to chop ice sits undisturbed in the corner of the machine shed, where I put it when I decided I was done chopping ice last winter.

     A mild winter is great in my book, but day after day of high temperatures 20 or 30 degrees above normal make me worry about what our summer will be like.  Our drought situation has improved some and our ponds have gained water, all mine are full but a few aren't so lucky.  The weathermen blame La Nina for all of this, the question mark seems to be if La Nina will persist, or break down.  If it breaks down, I gather we should have decent rainfall prospects this summer, if not, according to many forecasters we can figure on another year of severe drought.

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