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How long is a piece of string



How long is a piece of string?  


It’s the question which I know is going to be asked, but which I know I don’t have the answer for. I can’t complain about people asking it, after all it is one of if not the most, important question, but very few people understand that is not very easy to answer.  


So how much will this cost me then?  




The main problem to answering this question is that every scheme is different and more importantly the cost of gravel is different from one place to the next. The permeable fill whether it be gravel or stone is the single biggest cost in land drainage, and it is the transportation of the material which is costly. If a quarry is near you might pay eleven or twelve pounds a ton, perhaps less if the rep wants to get rid of it and if you require enough to drive a bargain. Alternatively if the supply is far away the price might be over eighteen pounds a ton.  There are other factors as well, we might have to cross a gas main or if the field is awkwardly shaped requiring numerous short drains and junctions. I prefer to head back to the office and work out a price I’m happy to stick to, but there is an average.  


Most of the time we can install a standard trenchless drainage scheme at around nine hundred pounds an acre, but if I quote you a different price, you have been warned.     







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