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August 2011 - Posts - Mud Hound

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The life of a Land Drainage Contractor

August 2011 - Posts



Our Mastenbroek 25-20 trenchless drainage machine had to return to our yard for a quick repair, soon it was back out and as I looked out of the window I realised I had a photo opp!


Here's the machine loaded on to our HGV, just about to leave the yard




And where ever the machine goes pipe must follow





That enough pipe of a day, perhaps a day and a half.





We’re at full pace. Everyone is working overtime and jobs are being completed with such regularity that I’m having trouble keeping up with the measuring up. It always amazes me just how fast our trenchless drainage machine can lay pipe when the condition are right, last week I doubt if we had one day in which the trenchless team did not lay a mile of drainage pipe every day. Moving from job to job slows down the machine but it’s soon back in the groove.



One of the job we completed last year was in a field which was partly drained by Farm Services in Nineteen Sixty. Fifty one years later we have returned to finish off the job! The original scheme drained only an old pit hole in the middle of the field, now the rest of the field has been drained to modern standards.




Below is the original completion plan signed by my grandfather. 






First of all I should say sorry for such a long gap between posts, I’m afraid it a new record. At least I have a good reason, we’re been busy, very busy. As I have mention before this is always our business period, desperately trying to fit drainage installation between when a crop is harvested and the next one sown, but this year it seems worst than normal.



One of the reasons why we have been so frantic is that we have been working on a pipeline in North Wales. When a cross country pipeline is installed the excavations destroy all the existing drains, so we are employed to install new drains to repair the damage.



As you can see we’re not in the rolling hills of Warwickshire, it’s either flat and wet or steep and rocky.







We have just about finished the job now so I don’t have any more overnight stays or three and a half hour drives which, as I’m sure you can imagine, I’m very pleased about.  As the picture below shows, no matter where we are, we can still rely on finding mud to get stuck in!