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Soil is our most important asset




I could not agree more with Professor Dick Godwin’s argument in the talking point section of last week’s Farmers Weekly.  His argument was that other than the farmer who works the land, soil is our most important asset. However this has not stopped it from being one which receives less investment than it deserves, especially over recent years. He was especially concerned by the loss of knowledge, research and the decline in the number dedicated Soil and Water Management Course at Universities over the last thirty years.



I can understand why many prefer to spent they hard earned cash elsewhere, after all improvements to soils are difficult to see on the ground and it is probably fair to call them un-sexy. Given the choice between a shiny new tractor with all the mod-cons or something which is buried, hidden from view the moment it is installed, it is easy to opt for the former.  Of course it follows, if investment in soils declines then so will research and the number of university courses.  However the value of investing in soils is well proven, and from my own experience I know that time and time again a new client asks us for a quotation to drain a poor performing field, often they ‘um and ah’ for a while and finally take the plunge, next year they’re back asking for more drainage having seen the results first hand.





Published 14 September 2011 09:44 by Roburt | [Edit Post]


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