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I’m not alone



I started this blog, in part, because it seemed to me that land drainage was missing out on its fair share of publicity and conversation in the farming world. Drainage seemed absent from the farming press and from discussion groups, despite the fact that most farms have schemes installed and most farms would benefit from installing new schemes. At times during this year I have felt like a lone voice and one which was making only minor progress, however there are others....



I attended a meeting at Stoneleigh Park last week in the offices of the RASE (Royal Agricultural Society of England). They are keen to host and promote a conference on soil and water management, part of which will focus on land drainage. Obviously, I think that this is a great idea and tying in drainage to the bigger picture makes sense as well. Its early days but the hope is to have a conference next autumn followed by some practical demonstrations in the following spring. I’m fully behind this initiative and I hope to keep you updated on progress though out the year.



PS, sorry for the lack of posts of late, I’m moving house, so I have had some time off work....




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