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I suspect this will be the last blog entry for this month, as tomorrow I have to travel down to London and report to the Farmer’s Club to start my year of Nuffield travels. To begin with, all twenty scholars, have three days in the big smoke being briefed on what is expected of us and hopefully a liberal dose of advice on how to go about doing it! From there we travel on mass to the Contemporary Scholars Conference in the Netherlands, here we meet up with scholars from all the other Nuffield Nations, namely, Australia, Ireland, Canada, New Zealand and of course the Netherlands. After four days its back to London to continue the conference, all told I will be away for ten days.



At this moment in time I don’t really know what to expect on both the week ahead and the year in general. Having said that I will have to be away for eight weeks and deliver a report upon my findings and chosen topic. It’s quite a big commitment so I see nothing else to do but throw myself into it and get out the maximum possible benefit. Certainly no else in the UK will have seen land drainage in such a variety of places or had the opportunity to study land drainage in such detail, it should be a fantastic experience which will hopefully greatly benefit me and the company.



If I get the chance I will post a blog from the conference, but I suspect it will be more likely that I will disappear for a week and a half hopefully to reappear with a full report.




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