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Life seems busy at the moment, I seem to write similar words on this blog regularly however it is often what I feel. My Nuffield year has started with a bang, which is fantastic, it also means that I feel like I have two jobs at the moment, okay so that’s an exaggeration, but there is a lot to fit in. I’m certainly behind on blogging about what I have been doing but hopefully I can start to put I few things right and finish off telling you about the CSC (contemporary scholars conference)


I figured some of the things I would be doing this year would be impressive and I hoped to have a couple of good tales to tell, however I was not expecting to do so much, so impressive, so soon. Nothing, I suspect, will be able to match the tour of the Palace of Westminster and our trip to Downing Street. The NFU arranged for us to have a tour of Parliament, we visited the House of Commons and the House of Lords, and saw all the sights. We then walked under the road to portcullis house which is where most of the committee rooms and PMs’ offices are located. I thought the tour stopped there and if it had I would of have been very pleased, however we then walked along Whitehall to Downing Street, passed though security and had a photo opportunity outside number ten! One of the governments communications advisors (I guess that’s a spin doctor) then talked to us for a while about his role and communication in general.



Ten Downing Street is really a large office block and the famous door we see on telly is the main entrance so taking pictures was surprisingly time consuming as the door kept opening and closing every couple of minutes. Never-the-less none of us wanted to miss out on the chance to have our photo outside number ten so we persevered. I think this is the first proper photo of me I have put on the blog!





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