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It's official



I look out of the window on this wet, typically showery April day and see rain falling, at the same time I read in the press that the environment agency have officially declared the west midlands, which includes the rolling green hills of Warwickshire, as a drought region. Irony.


I do not wish to be flippant. Drought is serious and it has been impossible not to have noticed the lack of rainfall over the last year. Time and time again our excavations reveal surprisingly dry soil, the mud which gives this blog its name has been in short supply. Our relationship with rain is perhaps more complicated than it first seems, clearly without the copious rain fall ‘enjoyed’ by the UK our services would not be required. However on a day to day basis the rain is a big obstacle. We loose more productive days, and therefore profit, due to the ground conditions not being fit to operate on than any other reason. This dry weather has allowed us to crack on and be productive, we will have to wait and see what effect it has on the order book over the next couple of months.



I know I said that I would stop waffling on about Nuffield and the CSC, but realised that I had not posted these photos below. They were taken from the top of New Zealand House, one of the venues we were fortunate enough to be hosted in. Close to Trafalgar square, New Zealand House must be at least ten stories higher than any surrounding building, hence the views are fantastic. As you can see the London Eye is only a little higher and I reckon New Zealand House is in a better location.     












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