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The week washed away



It’s been a quiet time of late, spent hiding from the rain, here at the mudhound. When the weather is as wet as it has been for the last two weeks we have no choice but to cowl in the depot and wait for the sun to reappear.  Twice last week I splashed through the River Leam which busted its banks on both the way to work and going home. Many were turning around, but the trusty Freelander managed to push the water aside, causing an envious stare from a couple of Ford Festia Drivers.



Whilst we certainly need the water, the guys are getting bored of indoor jobs, there is only so much tidying that can be done. Of course we could get out there, it takes a hell of a lot to stop a drainage machine, however the damage which would be caused to the soils structure would be considerable and drainage is supposed to improve structure not destroy it!



On the subject of soils I attended a talk about soil fertility last week, by fellow Nuffield Scholar Tom Bradshaw. It was excellent, his arguments were logical and delivered with a clear enthusiasm. The gist of the talk, as I saw it, was that soils need to be cared for and thought about constantly. Perhaps in the past we have been guilty of taking the soil of granted and relying on chemical imports. However anything that reduces costs is very welcome indeed.



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