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Farmers Weekly Contractor of the year award



I guess we should be spraying the champagne here at Farm Services, we have been lucky enough to make the short list of the Farmers Weekly Contractor of the Year Award. Cue loud cheers and metaphorical fireworks.



Along with two others we shall be visited by the judges and one of us will be standing up receive the plaudits at the awards dinner in posh Park Lane on the 4th of October.

To be honest it’s all rather exciting and a step into the unknown. It also gives me a chance to blog about the whole experience, which might be of interest to anyone thinking about entering next year.


We almost did not enter, it was a relatively late decision to fill in the application form and a struggle to make the deadline (which was, to my annoyance if the truth be told, then extended). The questions were quite open ended, which allowed answers to be tailored in the direction we wanted. We had a reasonable amount of information already typed up, which had been originally prepared for other things such as pre qualification questionnaires which all large companies ask you to complete. However to don’t want to be flippant or suggest that we did not spend much time on the application form, there’s no point in doing something unless it’s done properly. We tried to make the application form look professional and smart, and sent a DVD with a very short and a little bit wobbly video of one of our machines in action. Having said that we entered in hope rather than expectation so when we got the phone call a few days ago explaining that we had been nominated, we were delighted. 


The judges will visit Farm Services HQ on the afternoon of the 4th July, and no doubt they will have a slack of probing questions, but also it will be an opportunity to tell them about us. Over the next couple of days we will sit down and try to work out what to show them and where to take them!



As I said, it’s all rather exciting.




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