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Back in the UK



Yes I know, I said I would blog when in Canada, and the long silence on the Mudhound proves that sentence to be hollow. Sorry is all I can say, I will blame the lack of posts on two things: one the generosity of many of the people I met meant that most evenings were busy as well as the days, and after driving the huge distances to make those appointments I tended to be knackered and to be frank, the last thing I wanted to do was sit down and write a blog entry. It’s a bit slack, sorry.



I have to say that my trip to Canada, with a small detour into the States was very successful. My general impress of agricultural and of the drainage industry over there is the sheer scale of the operations. Many people warn/mentioned the difference in scale but until you see it with your own eyes it is very hard to appreciate. Standing in a two hundred acre field, all of which is to be drained with the laterals at 30 foot intervals (it’s all feet and inches over there), the differences quicky become apparent. We installed laterals which are 60mm in diameter, in most parts of North America the lateral sizes are 4”(100mm) in diameter, which is what we use for our mains. Our largest machine is 28 tonnes the standard machine over the pond is 34 tonnes, I’m sure you are starting to get the impression.



With lots of large job and long runs on those jobs the amount of pipe Canadian contractors put in the ground each day is very impressive, like the Dutch they do not use a permeable fill back which speeds up the process too. The demand for drainage is very strong and competition is very health between contractors. Interestingly the government of Ontario regulates the industry, with all contractors, machines and operators having to be licensed.



I have a number of topics to talk about and photos to post which I hope to do over the next couple of weeks, I’m off again, this time to the US, at the end of the month, so as you might imagine, I’m a tad on the busy side at the moment!




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# re: Back in the UK@ 23 September 2012 21:17

Can you post a schematic of how they would drain say a quarter-section field? Do they have ditches around the edges, and things akin to IDBs or pumped drainage?