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Kayleigh, new chickens and where is home...? - Soil Association Apprentice

Soil Association Apprentice

Emma Heseltine blogs during her placement at Hadrian Organics

Kayleigh, new chickens and where is home...?

Anne is about a week overdue. This morning its extremely windy and throwing it down, so of course this is when the calf is born. Im doing some cleaning of ice boxes for meat when one of the boys from the Gilford centre comes running up to tell me to come quick. I head to the little paddock and Susan has got Anne and the calf in the little shed. The calf cant be more than a couple of hours old and it looks a bit wobbly and obviously hasn’t suckled. This is bad news, colostrum is vitally important in the first few hours of life as it gives energy and precious antibodies to the newborn.

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