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Rocks, the last lambs and Wasi and June... - Soil Association Apprentice

Soil Association Apprentice

Emma Heseltine blogs during her placement at Hadrian Organics

Rocks, the last lambs and Wasi and June...

The spring barley went in last week on the Park at Wallacefield. It’s been rolled too, not by me this time and the next job is to get rid of some of the boulders that have turned up. We track back and forth picking them up then move onto the winter oats to get the smaller ‘combine breakers.’ The oats are looking great; about ankle high now, although there is the usual crop of docks poking through. It was wet and now they are really too far along so the field never got rolled. There are lots of smallish stones that could be caught by the combine in the summer and cause massive problems.

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