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View From The Other Side Of The Fence

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    Diary Of Becoming A Farmer

    Being Inspired

    I started writing on this blog space after getting that farming itch again.  I had started reading the FW to try and learn some more about modern farming.  As you will have read from my previous blogs  "Getting Into Farming"  and Diary of Becoming a Farmer , I've found it difficult to retrain without dropping my family into poverty.


    Then FW started  "The Big Debate"  and I was inspired to write my thoughts on where Farming has been in the last 50 years and where it is going in the next 50 years.  That won me a sponsored place at the 2008 Oxford Farming Conference.  I found that fascinating.  There was some inspirational people there too.   They gave great talks about how they got to where they are today and more importantly why British Farming has a great future.  I also met some new friends.

    I then read a couple of books which increased not decreased my urges to become a farmer.  "Funny Farm" by Jackie Moffat a very funny look at chucking in a good life to up sticks and live "The Good Life."  And "The Farm" by Richard Benson.  A true and sad look at the demise of a small family farm with 200 years of family history.  This book proved to me that "you can take the man out of the farm, but you'll never take the farm out of the man."  Which is exactly how I feel.

    As an aside Jackie has another book out called "Sheepwrecked"  which if you liked "Funny Farm" you'll love this too.  I finished that on my Hols at a farm in Somerset earlier this year.  I must tell you about that too soon.

    I never thought anyone would be interested in my life and what I have to say.  

    Owd Fred's Blog made me glow just a little.  If anyone else feels inspired to write or blog as a result of reading this space, do let me know.  It's made me feel quite proud.  Keep reading his blog too, he has some great tales so far.

    But beware, this blogging malarchy is quite addictive...


    matty s said:

    Tell me about it, the blogging mal;arky is hard stuff - its hard to be so interesting sometimes and not rant on about rubbish (like what i do)!

    # August 14, 2008 5:17 PM [Delete]