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Diary Of Becoming A Farmer. End of Part One - View From The Other Side Of The Fence

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    Diary Of Becoming A Farmer

    Diary Of Becoming A Farmer. End of Part One

    The Story of a young mans efforts to become a farmer without the aid of inheritance!!

    So in my last blog Oh My Goodness  I was waiting for the solicitors to complete the purchase of the land we had found.  I have been supplied with a mountain of paperwork to read and sign off.  Boundries, access rights, domestic neighbours looking for liberties.  On top of all that I'm nearing the end of college for this year.  Eight assignments in six weeks!  Thanks very much.  It's alright for the kids who only have the pub to go to at the end of each day, but I've got a family, a job and a Farm to buy.  Am I complaining, well a little bit but as I try and get some sympathy from "The Better Side Of The Fence" she replies "You love it really."  And I suppose I do.  At last I might just realise my ambition.  To Become A Farmer.

    It was time for the Royal Show  and I was genuinly looking forward to it.  As you might have read.   We managed to leave the kids with Nana and the "Better Side Of The Fence" and I went off for a day out on our own.  We had a great day.  Some lovely stock to see but not many useful companies or merchants to talk too.  That was a dissapointment.  And as for the Carcase competition, well you can read my disgust here .  Whilst at The Royal news came through from my solicitor.  The money had been transfered.  There was no going back!!

    Those of you who know me, know that when I started writing this diary, we did not have the land in our possession.  This has been, to use a well trodden cliche, "a roller coaster ride" of a story told in chunks to hopefully ammuse you all.  In fact I didn't think anybody would be interested in my story.  It was only when I found "The Better Side Of The Fence" chortling at the computer whilst reading the blog, that I thought it might be worth continuing with my blog. 

    You have read the story as it has developed.  If not do catch up via the links on the left of your screen.  The highs and lows of my struggle to become a farmer.  If it was on the tv it would have been a docusoap a bit like "Jimmy's Farm", A form of DocuBlog.  A couple of weeks behind the days events, but then If I kept you upto date on a daily basis that would be twittering.  Which now I come to mention it, you can now follow me on twitter @  Uponthefence   Only just getting the hang of twitter, thanks to Caroline who told me I was following the wrong people.  Ooops.

    Several people have written comments to the blog, telling me, that their children want to do similar things and this has inspired them.  Another wrote to me just the other day to say that he didn't believe his dream would be possible until he read my blog.  Well now it is true.

    I am a Farmer.  Yippee. 

    I have the RPA paperwork to prove it.  Double Yippee.  The RPA have found me.  Three Cheers to the RPA! 

    I still await the all new digital maps.  That should be fun.  Although the man from the RPA I was talking to in Newcastle the other day told me I shouldn't believe everyting I hear in the media.  Fortunately for him I work in the media and I know where to take my pich of salt.  The Farming press is a media I feel I can trust.  All these people with problems concerning the RPA can't just be grinding axes.  In the interest of fairness I will report the facts as they happen to me.  As the RPA don't know who I am neither side can be accussed of bias.  I'd love the RPA to be efficient as would we all.  It's not about kicking the government.  It's about the British Farmer being efficient in their operation, not having to waste time with beaurocracy and letting them do the job they love.  Feeding people.

    This episode of the diary is called "End Of Part One" because whilst I might be a farmer in title, I now have to become a farmer in name.  The land has to pay for itself.  This is not some extravegent hobby.  This is my pension, my childrens future, I hope.  It must pay it's way.  I have a few ideas and hope you'll follow and support me along the way.

    Thank You All Very Much for reading my blog so far and sharing your comments with me.  I do enjoy reading your comments so do keep them coming.  It's not the end by any means I shall keep on blogging and you'll be able to keep up to date with how we get on in our first year of trading.  A steep learning curve I'm sure.  And as you can imagine I'm going to be just a little bit busier.

    Don't forget to RSS this blog to get all the latest updates and do let me know what you think.


    Isabel Davies said:

    It really is quite a moment isn't it? But you've worked hard for it so it is well-deserved. I like the idea of it being a Docublog (although with your contacts surely you will be getting the prime time show any day... :)

    # September 1, 2009 9:55 AM [Delete]

    jane dobson said:

    Well done.

    This is also my dream. We are still trying to sell our house as capital and the small farms we were interested in have now been sold. Still, we live in hope and try to bring our dream to life day by day.

    Good luck

    # September 2, 2009 4:06 PM [Delete]

    viewfromtheothersideofthefence said:

    Jane places we looked at went from under our nose too, but if you want something hard enough you'll find a way and you will succeed in the end.  Keep me posted.  Good Luck

    # September 2, 2009 4:50 PM [Delete]