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E Coli Outbreak closes Godstone Farm in Surrey - View From The Other Side Of The Fence

View From The Other Side Of The Fence

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    E Coli Outbreak closes Godstone Farm in Surrey

    It has been reported on BBC News that 12 Children who visited Godstone Farm in Surrey are in hospital suffering from E Coli.  The Farm, which has a visitors attraction, has been closed to the public as a precaution whilst the source is verified.


    crest said:

    I wonder why the farm owners did not close earlier.  Could this have been a financial decision rather than one of concern for the visitors.  After all it was mid August shcool holidays.

    I have visited Godstone Farm (not for a few years) and was horrified that children where alowed to climb into calf pens and come into direct contact with cow poo.  Was this still going on.

    Farms are not like supermarkets (all the same) each one will vary in their standards of hygine and animal care.

    Perhaps open farms should be made to publish their track record on health and saftey issues so that parents can choose themsevles if the place is well run and safe to visit.  Ie when and what zoonoses they have had at their farm (diseases caught from animals)

    # September 15, 2009 10:52 AM [Delete]

    viewfromtheothersideofthefence said:

    I think what this outbreak demonstrates is a distinct breakdown in communication between countryside and Towns.  Townies are these days expected to be told what to do and do not understand the fundamental basics of health, both of themselves or of the countryside.  Science is good in some respects in the advancements of medicines but people have become reliant on "popping a pill" to cure everything.

    I cannot speak for Godstone Farm as have never visited, but the farms that I have visited do have plenty of information and advice on hygeine.  

    It's also our job to help pass on information and education to visitors and the general public about what the counttryside is all about as they no longer have close links to the countryside.  That is the big challenge we face.

    # September 17, 2009 7:00 AM [Delete]