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Diary Of Becoming A Farmer. The Apprentice! - View From The Other Side Of The Fence

View From The Other Side Of The Fence

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    Diary Of Becoming A Farmer

    Diary Of Becoming A Farmer. The Apprentice!

    Story of a young mans efforts to become a farmer without the aid of inheretance.

    We have the land, but no machinary. mmmmm

    I contact the contractor who had previously worked the land for the previous owner.  He quotes me a price.  Very reasonable.  Not really worth me making the effort to do some of the work myself.  But there is a need to do some work that the contractor wouldn't do.  So tractor and maybe hedgecutter required.  Only a nice cheap one as there wouldn't be much needs doing but would give me chance to have a play.

    However when I asked the contractor for a breakdown of the costs of a stubble to stubble contract so I might be able to cost some of the individual parts of the contract, he starts getting funny.  Says he'll go and have a look at the land and come back to me.  When he does come back he tells me he's not interested in the contract.  Thanks very much!  Yet another example of the cliqueness of farming and no wonder that new entrants find it difficult to get started.

    So that's put me in a foul mood.  I feel bad enough that I don't as yet really know fully what I'm doing, but very keen not look an ***! 

    The day job is very busy at the minute and will continue so for the next two months!  Was flicking through FW looking at the job adverts and dreaming!!!!!!

    One caught my eye, but was not very much money.  It was to train and then become a manager, starting salary poor but good prospects.  Added bonus is that it's not that far from home.  I wouldn't miss the commute one bit.  I think about it for a while.  Then I had a bad day at work and in a fit of peek contacted the advertiser to see if the vacancy was still open.  I put a link to my FWispace blog here and that I'd already been retraining by going to college to do a diploma.

    I got a reply rather quickly!  Could I fill in the attached application form and send a cv asap.  So I sat down that night and tried to coble a cv together.  My last cv was over eight years out of date!

    Finaly at nearly midnight I emailed the form and my cv.  Not expecting much response as when they read the cv it wouldn't have matched up to there expectations.

    It came back at ten am the following morning.  When can you come for interview?  It needs to be soon and can be over the weekend if necessary!!!  OMG  They have read my cv and are still interested.  This sounds good.  We organise a date and then I start getting nervious!

    What do I brush up on?  What will they ask me?  The interviews for the job I have at the moment were very technical and needed detailed answers!!  I think of a few questions that I might be asked.  Why do you want to work for us?  What can you bring to the job?  Basic questions.  Apart from those I'm going to have to busk it and just be me.  50/50 chance, I'll either be suitable or not!  Nothing ventured nothing gained.  I ask a couple of friends for advice.  Both give me some ideas and an insight into the company.  One of which tells me she's jelious!

    The day comes.  Interview is at 08.30 in the morning.  Good job I wake easy.  Here goes in for a penny.   I arrive on time.  Everyone seems friendly.  How many other people have been seen?  Surely they are better qualified than me.  I meet the interviewer.  He doesn't waste any time.  Straight in at the deep end.  He's read my blog and really likes it.  He wants to know more about me, what drives me.  The questions come up I was expecting.  Why do I want the job and what can I bring? 

     So no Bull tell it straight.  I've done some research on the brand in question and what I've been told so far this morning and here is my assessment of what I can bring to the company and how I think I can take it forward.  No good lieing.  You only get found out in the end!  That didn't put them off either.  I'm taken to lunch and we discuss terms! Wow I did it.  Things change slighlty but I turn the job into a contract, which suits me much better and works good for the company too.


    matty s said:

    I am excited for the rest!!!!!!!

    # December 2, 2009 2:49 PM [Delete]

    mrandmrsb said:

    Just started following this and spent most of last night reading it...

    Is there any more news...

    # February 4, 2010 1:15 PM [Delete]