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January 2011 - Posts - View From The Other Side Of The Fence

View From The Other Side Of The Fence

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    January 2011 - Posts

    GM Chicken that can resist Bird Flu....

    BBC News are running a report by Pallab Ghosh saying that a GM Chicken has been bred that can resist Bird Flu.

    Bird Flu Resistant Chickens 

    Good Or Bad?

    If good news how can we benefit here in the UK.  The general public here in the UK are quite ferverently against anything GM. 

    But if it was allowed would it be classed as "Noval Food" as clones are?

    Europe as a whole does not allow GM Food Products.  To those of us in the industry it raises more questions than it answers.  Surely as with "Cloned, Noval foods" it will be no doubt freely be allowed to be imported.  Once again UK farmers could be disadvantaged further.