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Diary Of Becoming A Farmer. Planning A Long Job! - View From The Other Side Of The Fence

View From The Other Side Of The Fence

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    Diary Of Becoming A Farmer

    Diary Of Becoming A Farmer. Planning A Long Job!

    Story of a young mans efforts to become a farmer without the aid of inheretance.

    Well first things first.  I will soon need to change the sub heading! Having just had another birthday, one more year and I suppose I'll have to drop the word "young".  After this last year I have to say I'm starting to feel my age!  Several of you have been badgering me for the latest installment of my story.  It still amazes me how many of you read my blog.  Thank You.  I've even had people contact me say that they are inspired by my story and have their own ideas and how should they go about it.  I have replied to those people personally and I hope to keep in touch with you.

    I found it extremely frustating recently as the locals had made up their minds before knowing our real plans and decided I'm a menace to society that must be stopped at all costs.  Trouble is the costs have mainly to be born by me.  I'm having to have extra surveys done which is a slow process as I have to earn the money to pay for each one as I go.  So far it's costing me an extra £10k because of the objectors.  I refuse to give up though.  I'm sure the locals would hate my plan B more than what I currently want to do.  The irony is they won't be able to object to my plan B!  Spiteful isn't in my nature unlike some people. 

    So I know exactly how the people behind the Nocton Dairy proposals feel.

    I've yet to receive my single farm payment!  I received a nice Christmas Present from the RPA 3 days before Christmas stating that: My application has yet to be processed.  I can't chase it up and will just have to wait until they can pull their finger out!  Why are we Brit's so good a playing by the rules?  We just roll over and accept things.

    Actually farming the land is proving difficult too.  It seems people have been warned off from helping me by the locals.  A contractor suddenly pulled out from working for me last year siting some excuse.  I seem to be some outsider pushing in on a world I know nothing about.  A little like "Hot Fuzz".  My very near neighbour is proving very helpful though.

    I managed to get my first years accounts submitted recently.  They made grim reading, covered in red!  This year is looking a little better with the cattle contracting work increasing.  I wouldn't mind doing some lambing if anyone needs a some help.  It would keep me upto scratch I quite enjoy it too which is a bonus I suppose.  Especially on nights.  So if your in the South East and you want a few hours break give me a nudge. 

    Well the kids are still enjoying things.  When I come home from checking the cattle my eldest keeps telling me "You smell of cow!"  Strangely I find it quite a comforting smell.  I suppose thats it for now.  I did manage to finish it on the train..  I will try and update things again very soon.  I'm off to be a godparent this weekend so might have chance to relax and catch up with the family. 

    I would put some pics up in the blog but it doesn't seem to be working at the moment.  Keep in touch everyone. 


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