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Farmers weekly:- Protect My Crops

Last post Thu, Jun 7 2012 15:42 by madkarter. 7 replies.
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  • Fri, Mar 6 2009 17:34

    Farmers weekly:- Protect My Crops

    Hi all,

    I have been reading through last weeks copy of Farmers Weekly, and was drawn to an article about an up and running business( who take on farms around the country and charge and supply shooters who are BASC registered to shoot pests and other vermin who are constantly ruining crops on our farm land all over the country. I have looked on their web site, and was very impressed with attention to detail, and very much attracted to the proposition of being paid up to £500 a year for someone to clear up or moderate my on going pest problems. And as a current farm worker, i felt that it was a responsibilty of mine to inform other pest ridden farms who suffer from pigeon, crow and other sorts of vermin who destroy £millions of farm crops all across England.

    Hope this may be useful information to some people, as i know i will be taking full advantage of the above service,

    yours, craig the farm hand.

  • Sat, Mar 7 2009 16:51 In reply to

    • ic
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    Re: Farmers weekly:- Protect My Crops


    I expect you have guessed by now that im into shooting, especially Pigeons and Crows,

    Not sure if you are a land owner or not but if so, wouldnt this worry you having unknown people shooting on your land and not knowing who and when they would be turning up.

    Myself i make sure that the land owner is aware when i will be turning up and we are both aware of any bounderies etc....yep i guess these days £500 may sound good to the Farmer but not having any idea of who is walking around your ground with a shotgun and not knowing how safe that person is, i think it isnt worth it, but my opinion only.


  • Sun, Mar 8 2009 0:00 In reply to

    Re: Farmers weekly:- Protect My Crops

    hi ic,

    Im replying to your blog about the bounderies.etc. The farmers who sign up out lay their bounderies by ordinate survey and will not compromise anyone elses fields. My boss has just signed up to this new pest control business and has been informed by the people their, that they will be taking on shooters in the next 3-4 weeks, as soon as they have enough farms to accomodate shooters, so that they dont have to many miles to travel, to reach a shooting farm near where they live.

    They also will only take on shooters who are fully insured and BASC  registered to shoot over their land. The on-board farmers will also put their own rules to all shooters who shoot on their land. And i have been told that i will be informed when any shooters will be arriving to shoot over our land. 

    I dont know if this will be of any more useful information to you, but i hope it has helped.

    Craig the farm hand

  • Sun, Apr 8 2012 10:11 In reply to

    Re: Farmers weekly:- Protect My Crops

    I always draw up a shooting agreement between myself and the land owner. Meet them and give my personal details, insurance etc. this promotes goodwill. I also call them when planning a shooting visit to see if there are any problems in advance. but are usually called by them first asking for a visit. The key to a good trusting relationships is to understand the problem the farmer has, know when he needs you and to make every effort to deal with his problem. My farmers and I have got on well for years. I also keep a database of who I have shot crows, pigeons and foxes for and a tally of how many. Hope this helps.

    Pigeons,crows and foxes dealt with.
  • Mon, Apr 30 2012 19:12 In reply to

    Re: Farmers weekly:- Protect My Crops

    I take it the aforementioned site is no longer running? I'm with you Verminator on the point that building a trusting relationship with the farmer and being there when he needs you is most important. From shooting the same permission in Gloucestershire for several years now where he had a huge problem with corvids and being there when I was needed the most, has reduced the problem to virtually zero and he hasn't had to use his gas guns for a few years now. This has only worked because of a good 'working' relationship, trust and understanding his problems, and as said, being there when needed.
  • Tue, May 1 2012 11:29 In reply to

    Re: Farmers weekly:- Protect My Crops

    Sugest anyone wanting pigeon shooting tries here:

    As far as I can see it there are two ways - either deal with one "organiser" who vets shooters and keeps a good supply your way or, find one good local chap who will come dilligently and dispatch the winged perils. I certainly wouldnt exclusivly let one chap shoot mine if he was shooting elsewhere as I need someone about shooting my pigeons rather than being on someone elses land. We have had an excellent year with a local chap and as such he wil always be welcome back.

    Not for print please.
  • Tue, May 1 2012 18:39 In reply to

    Re: Farmers weekly:- Protect My Crops

    The NPPC has a good reputation. It's a shame it only seems to operate north of Birmingham upwards to the north of England.
  • Thu, Jun 7 2012 15:42 In reply to

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    Re: Farmers weekly:- Protect My Crops

    They are well known and do cover a wide area

    Personally - i'm based in Northamptonshire and am looking for local shooting opportunities

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