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Keeping Indian Runner Ducks

Last post Sat, Aug 15 2009 10:44 by mopsa. 3 replies.
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  • Fri, Aug 14 2009 8:53

    Keeping Indian Runner Ducks


    I have just aquired a pair of Indian Runner Ducklings (just starting to show some feathers)

    Can anyone advise me on the best feed for them and how old they might be. I do not have them under a heat light and they seam happy, is this ok or do they need some sort of heat source? They are living in garden in a coop with a run, but can you advise the best form of housing.



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    Re: Keeping Indian Runner Ducks

      Your local animal feed supplier will have duck food, but if they've got plenty of garden/rought grass area to live in, they'll supplement whatever you give them, and a certain amount of straight wheat or barley will be OK (it wouldn't be good if they got nothing else).

      They'll be happy living in any reasonable sized hutch (remember they get quite tall when adult), and the ones I've met have always been rather good at going inside at dusk.  They are very attractive and vulnerable to foxes, so at least make sure the hutch is secure at night, and consider getting some electric fencing for their outside run.

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    Re: Keeping Indian Runner Ducks

    Thanks - that really useful.

    Best regards Chris

  • Sat, Aug 15 2009 10:44 In reply to

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    Re: Keeping Indian Runner Ducks

     Hi.  If feathering is just starting to appear they are 4 or so weeks old and no longer need to be under heat. At this age I start moving them from chick crumbs to growers pellets (most feed stores dont do specialist duck feed but chick growers pellets are fine). Don't give them layers  feed  until they are more fully feathered.  Housing MUST have a ramp going in/out as duck's feet are vulnerable to lameness; they cannot hop up in the same way as chickens and can damage their legs irreparably.  Put straw on the floor of the coop and change weekly (minimum), and the coop needs to be tall enough for a full grown runner to stand up in. Good luck - they are fab birds.

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