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Lighting! Wood won't burn ?

Last post Tue, Aug 4 2009 23:12 by davysboy. 6 replies.
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  • Mon, Jun 15 2009 14:47

    • Peter Wells
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    Lighting! Wood won't burn ?

    A fellow told me this morning that the wood from a tree struck by lightning will not burn.  Even it is put on a hot fire it simply smoulders a little and goes out.

    Has anyone any experience of this phenomenon or an explanation?

  • Mon, Jun 15 2009 22:59 In reply to

    • SDM
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    Re: Lighting! Wood won't burn ?

    I have just googled the question and there are a few answers most of them say that its a myth but it could possibly be caused by the combustable parts of the wood having been burnt during the lightening strike therefore leaving nothing to burn.

     Its an interesting question though!!

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  • Tue, Jun 16 2009 23:07 In reply to

    Re: Lighting! Wood won't burn ?

    Sounds like a good project for Mythbusters.

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  • Mon, Jun 22 2009 22:44 In reply to

    • sjk
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    Re: Lighting! Wood won't burn ?

     I'm sure if you used enough dynamite it would or at least there wouldn't be anything left.


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  • Tue, Jun 23 2009 22:17 In reply to

    • 2658336
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    Re: Lighting! Wood won't burn ?

    The firewood I cut from a lightning struck oak burns very nicely thankyou.
  • Mon, Jul 27 2009 18:56 In reply to

    • charliemoo
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    Re: Lighting! Wood won't burn ?

    i'v not heard that about lightning making the wood fireproof, but there is an actual tree whose wood wont burn. its called a Black Poplar, and is massively rare. (apparently years ago the farmers cut down all the female trees as the seeds (apparently like dandelion fluff) would fall and ruin all the crops. im not sure how true this.) we had two on the farm, one died and we cut it down, seasoned it for years and it still wouldnt burn AT ALL! apparently they used to use the wood in ships?

    well, there is your useful bit of information for the day guys! =)

  • Tue, Aug 4 2009 23:12 In reply to

    Re: Lighting! Wood won't burn ?

    We had the largest oak tree in the surrouning five parishes growing on our place and about 15 years ago it was struck by lightning. The trunk smouldered for over a week after being split to the ground in 5 places.

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