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Photos of all the 'oops' moments that happen on farms around the UK. (No pictures where there have been serious injuries or fatalities please).

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This Gallery

Wreckers Yard

Photos of all the 'oops' moments that happen on farms around the UK. (No pictures where there have been serious injuries or fatalities please).


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My New Holland after been hit by a Ford Focus
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  • Aperture Value : F10.9
  • Date/Time Original : 21/08/2009 16:56:26
  • Exposure Time : 1/125 sec
  • Flash : Flash did not fire, auto
  • Focal Length : 10.1 mm
  • Model : SAMSUNG ES55 / VLUU ES55 / SAMSUNG SL102

Sandra Harrop sent us this picture along with the following explanation:

"My brother was straw carting in August from Chesterfield/Sheffield area to our farm near Bakewell, Derbyshire. Doing one load takes about 4.5 hours. It was his first load of the day and he was leaving the field at about 8:30 am.  He edged out of the field onto the road and from out of nowhere came a Ford Focus which hit the tractor side at about 40 mph. The impact split the tractor in half but all the car had was a dent in the front of the driver’s side, although there was some damage underneath.  The two occupants of the car got out, one called the golf course to tell them they would be late for their lesson and the other called the fire service because there was oil on the road.  My brother just had a few glass cuts on his hands where the window screen had come in on him.  He was more shocked about the damage to his tractor.Platts Harris, New Holland dealers in Darley Dale, were brilliant and sorted a courtesy tractor out for him straight away.  He now has a new New Holland but I don’t know which one. The broken tractor was brought back to our farm yard (shown in the photo) where it attracted loads of visitors who wanted to see what a “tractor split in two by a car” looked like."


sjk said:

I wnder what speed the car was doing?

14:38 on October 20, 2009

ali maxxum said:

''Focus which hit the tractor side at about 40 mph.'' But I would've thought the tractor would've won hands down...?!

14:24 on October 27, 2009

ihatetractors1 said:

is she a tsa or t6????

00:13 on November 3, 2009

StevenSkepper1 said:

It happened coming out of our field, i got a picture when it was relatively together before they moved it, ill try upload it. It was a TS115a i think!

11:39 on November 5, 2009

ihatetractors1 said:

jasus wud a taught de car wud a split not de tractor!!!!!

23:54 on November 8, 2009

navara43 said:

that picture would break your heart. we have a ts115a and i hope i never see her like that!!

20:38 on January 23, 2010

rufus said:

Something similar  happened to my neighbour  in the 1970's. He was  coming home from potato harvesting with a brand new IH 574 (First day out, it had just had 5 hours on the clock )  pulling a Whitsed  harvester. It got hit by a car and it snapped the tractor in 2. Fortunately no one was seriously hurt .

07:27 on April 27, 2010

canadean farm hand said:

happend to my boss dad when he was hauling corn with a 2wd DX140 i think split the tractor clean in to car ocupants ended up in hopital all my boss dad needed was a new pair of underware

07:13 on July 11, 2010

PhillipPrice1 said:

Tractors break easily when hit by cars, especially loonies going like the earth is ending. Just be thankful no-one was hurt seriously.

15:45 on August 18, 2010
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