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  • Ask the vet

    Good morning, does anyone have any questions they'd like me to put to our expert panel of vets? Why not seek some free advice on disease control, vaccination programs, or keeping animals healthy during an extended housing period?
    Posted to Livestock Lines (Forum) by gemclaxton on Thu, Feb 20 2014
  • Pig Health & Diseases Update

    A Summary of information presented to the European Symposium on Porcine Health Management [ESPHM] in Scotland last month is now available online:
    Posted to Livestock Lines (Forum) by HolisticHealth on Sat, Aug 17 2013
  • Re: Best EID sheep recording software and tags and slaughter tags and database

    Will the new sheep database reduce the chances of people cutting out tags and putting their own in? Or maybe microchips and plain ear tags?
    Posted to Livestock Lines (Forum) by Bridget on Fri, May 17 2013
  • Water Troughs

    Hi everybody, As part of a University project, I have decided to look at a cattle water trough redesign. The main aim of this product is to restrict access from small mammals, and to help keep the water inside in a safe consumable state through a number of design aspects. I understand this is an...
    Posted to Livestock Lines (Forum) by davidoheywood on Tue, Oct 30 2012
  • Bovine TB

    I would really appretiate it if any welsh cattle farmers could take aquick look at my survey Thanks
    Posted to Livestock Lines (Forum) by Beachbum on Mon, Mar 26 2012
  • Bovine TB

    Cattle Farmers (meat or dairy) in Wales As part of my research, approximately what percentage of your herd have you lost through TB since about the beginning of 2011. And what is your opinion od the new badger culling scheme set fourth by the welsh assembly? Thankyou
    Posted to Livestock Lines (Forum) by Beachbum on Mon, Mar 26 2012
  • Source of Funding

    Hi evryone, I want to apply for veterinary next year as a mature student with a degree but am falling at the first hurdle which is funding. For those who don't know, tuition fees have been raised to £9,000 a year so for the 4 year course i'm looking at £36,000 and thats without living expenses...
    Posted to Livestock Lines (Forum) by fran21 on Wed, Feb 29 2012
  • Trying to identify cause of lambing problems

    FW's Pembrokeshire Management Matters farm had trouble with inconsistent lamb size and some abortions last season - part of the flock has had an anti abortion vaccine this time to try and identify the cause of problems. Red clover in silage is a suspect...any thoughts or experience?
    Posted to Livestock Lines (Forum) by Suzie H on Mon, Jan 9 2012
  • managing the transition dairy cow

    I manage a 600 dairy cow unit in the Midlands, yields are in excess of 10,000 lts, Fertility is only average with a calving index of 420, (some may say this is ok with high yeidling dairy cows) ??? Our major problem is metrits and a high incidence of mastitis is our fresh calved cows, we calve all year...
    Posted to Livestock Lines (Forum) by cowman on Tue, Jul 27 2010
  • Dairy calf respiratory disease

    Respiratory disease is the second leading cause of mortality in dairy calves 0-6 months of age behind diarrhea and may account for at least half of all morbidity and mortality in young calves. The highest incidence of respiratory disease in young dairy calves usually occurs from birth to around 6 months...
    Posted to Livestock Lines (Forum) by danneels on Thu, Jan 28 2010
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