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  • Itching to buy something

    Why do itches always materialise at the most inopportune moments? Say, for example, you’re at an annual Black Friday Aberdeen Angus sale. All around you are stetson-wearing farmers tugging at their ears or tapping their noses as a sign that they want to buy the 30 steers in the pen in front of...
    Posted to nufsaid (Weblog) by anonymous on Sun, Dec 5 2010
  • Radio baa baa

    Back home whenever BBC reporter Robert Peston comes on the radio I have to switch him straight off. I’ve always thought he was putting on a ridiculous voice as there was no way anyone could really speak with such a daft tone or drawl, or without any concept of where commas and full stops should...
    Posted to nufsaid (Weblog) by anonymous on Fri, Dec 3 2010
  • “You’d have to be an idiot not to be able to follow this map.”

    Luckily, Albury is lovely this time of year. I’ve left Dave, Heidi and Isaac’s and headed south-west (after a slight detour and a planned visit to a former gold-mining town now famed for its wine) to Barooga to visit another Nuffield chum, Brad. Brad is someone I really wish I lived near...
    Posted to nufsaid (Weblog) by anonymous on Fri, Dec 3 2010
  • Tomato source

    Contrary to what my last two posts might suggest, I did actually come to Bundaberg for a vaguely agricultural reason (you believe me, don’t you?) Bundy is home to Camilla Philip, a 2006 Nuffield Scholar who, along with her husband Andrew, are the tomato-growing king and queen of Australia. The...
    Posted to nufsaid (Weblog) by anonymous on Mon, Nov 15 2010
  • Farewell to the tropics

    After a fantastic week in Innisfail I’m saying goodbye to Marty and my adopted family, Linda, Harvey and Emma. They’ve been fantastic hosts and I’m going to miss them all very much. I hope they’ll consider taking-on the ice and freezing temperatures of the UK one day so I can...
    Posted to nufsaid (Weblog) by anonymous on Tue, Nov 9 2010
  • The whole milk truth

    Can you believe it? Marty took me to a dairy today. He’ll try and deny it, but it was a bit embarrassing how excited he was about the visit. ‘Let me see a few cows,’ he pleaded with Emma and me. ‘I miss the smell of the silage, the splatter of manure, the lowing of [...]
    Posted to nufsaid (Weblog) by anonymous on Sun, Nov 7 2010
  • Goin’ bananas

    If there’s one thing I’ve learnt on my travels, it’s that farmers in the UK share pretty much the same problems as every other farmer in the world. Supply and demand, retailer power, pricing, red tape and high input costs are affecting producers in every country I’ve been to so...
    Posted to nufsaid (Weblog) by anonymous on Fri, Nov 5 2010
  • Farm pests, Aussie style.

    Think you’ve got it tough with badgers, pigeons and rabbits on your farm? Well spare a thought for my baramundi-farming friend Marty, who has to contend with these: This ‘little’ fella is a couple of metres long, and was just chillin’ by one of the ponds, sunning itself, when...
    Posted to nufsaid (Weblog) by anonymous on Fri, Nov 5 2010
  • Chasing developments in animal genetics

    Apologies for ruining Mr Geography’s pen pal dreams, but I didn’t come back from the sticks married to an emu farmer. I did, however, learn some interesting facts about Rod Hull’s special friends: 1. They are growing in popularity in this region of India because they are incredibly...
    Posted to nufsaid (Weblog) by anonymous on Sat, Oct 23 2010
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