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  • Water Troughs

    Hi everybody, As part of a University project, I have decided to look at a cattle water trough redesign. The main aim of this product is to restrict access from small mammals, and to help keep the water inside in a safe consumable state through a number of design aspects. I understand this is an...
    Posted to Livestock Lines (Forum) by davidoheywood on Tue, Oct 30 2012
  • Bovine TB

    I would really appretiate it if any welsh cattle farmers could take aquick look at my survey Thanks
    Posted to Livestock Lines (Forum) by Beachbum on Mon, Mar 26 2012
  • Bovine TB

    Cattle Farmers (meat or dairy) in Wales As part of my research, approximately what percentage of your herd have you lost through TB since about the beginning of 2011. And what is your opinion od the new badger culling scheme set fourth by the welsh assembly? Thankyou
    Posted to Livestock Lines (Forum) by Beachbum on Mon, Mar 26 2012
  • Dairy calf respiratory disease

    Respiratory disease is the second leading cause of mortality in dairy calves 0-6 months of age behind diarrhea and may account for at least half of all morbidity and mortality in young calves. The highest incidence of respiratory disease in young dairy calves usually occurs from birth to around 6 months...
    Posted to Livestock Lines (Forum) by danneels on Thu, Jan 28 2010
  • LIVESTOCK farmers needed for my dissertation research Hello and Merry Christmas Everyone, I hope you have a brilliant Christmas celebration and a fantastic new year :) I need more livestock farmers for my online questionnaire (see link on the top of this page) in order to pass my dissertation...
    Posted to Livestock Lines (Forum) by animal welfare research on Sat, Dec 26 2009
  • Re: What animals look for to eat and why?

    You will find the researches of Cindy Engel very interesting, sheepbreeder3! " Wild Health - How Animals Self-medicate themselves to Treat Illness"
    Posted to Livestock Lines (Forum) by HolisticHealth on Thu, Aug 13 2009
  • Re: MRSA - much ado about nothing?

    It would be a grave mistake to dismiss consumer and FSA / public health authority concerns about MRSA as being the result of a conspiracy by ???not sure who you are suggesting here - Universities??? Public & NHS concern about MRSA has been fuelled by the meteoric rise in MRSA-associated deaths from...
    Posted to Livestock Lines (Forum) by HolisticHealth on Thu, Nov 13 2008
  • Re: MRSA risk to Farm Workers & Vets - too 'sterilised'?

    It's an interesting point! Like everyone in farming, MRSA have to survive in a competitive environment. The reason they have evolved and are on the ascendent is due to their competitors being clobbered by antibiotics, leaving them most of the "environmental spoils" of nutrients and moisture...
    Posted to Livestock Lines (Forum) by HolisticHealth on Thu, Nov 13 2008
  • Bovine TB Vaccine

    Hi,my name is Michaela, I'm a PhD student at the University of Sheffield and I'm taking part in a Bioscience enterprise competition and just wandered if I could get some views from cattle farmers. Our idea is a novel way of delivering vaccines in cattle, and we have chosen specifically to target...
    Posted to Livestock Lines (Forum) by michaela on Wed, Sep 24 2008
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