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  • Working Farm needed for new TV series

    Hi everyone I wonder if anyone can help. I'm looking for suitable farm for a new series that we are making where contestants will be growing their own crops and living for 4 weeks. Ideally the farm needs to be somewhere really beautiful and idyllic for filming purposes and also suitable for growing...
    Posted to Talking Point (Forum) by Liberty Bell on Fri, Sep 12 2014
  • Channel 4 seeks female farmers in need of a confidence boost!

    Are you single, lacking confidence and want to find love? Do you shy away from male attention? Do you lack confidence in your looks? Happier hanging back with your mates than hunting down ‘the one’? Secretly worried you’ll remain single if you don’t do something soon? If you would like a confidence boost...
    Posted to Off-topic (Forum) by datingmakeover on Wed, May 16 2012
  • Re: E-Pickpocketing - something else for us to worry about?

    Surely what's concerning here is that the technology in question seems common to more than just bank cards. According to Channel 4, first it was a problem with contactless cards issued by barclays bank. But now they appear to be saying it affects other RFID bank cards too! So I'm thinking what...
    Posted to Crimeline (Forum) by D Max on Fri, Mar 30 2012
  • Re: E-Pickpocketing - something else for us to worry about?

    Unfortunately, this issue is now moving 'centre stage', with the announcement by Channel 4 News revealing that millions of bank customers could be exposed to e-pickpocketing. On Friday 23 March 2012, Channel 4 News successfully demonstrated that with a new (and widely available) mobile phone...
    Posted to Crimeline (Forum) by D Max on Wed, Mar 28 2012
  • Is anyone watching: 'Break in make my day?'

    Channel 4 are broadcasting a very amusing crime documentary (not that crime is in any way a funny matter) - does anyone have any good stories how they've deterred thieves?
    Posted to Off-topic (Forum) by emily on Fri, Feb 20 2009
  • Potatoes on TV

    After the recent attention that chickens and eggs got on TV, it looks as though potatoes could be the next star of the small screen - hopefully in a more positive light! According to the BPC's weekly bulletin, a representative from the BPC will be on Channel 4's cookery show "Cook Yourself...
    Posted to Talking Point (Forum) by Paul Spackman on Tue, Jan 15 2008
  • Channel 4 subjective news reporting

    The following is from a Channel 4 news report labeled "Exclusive": "The practice is accepted in non-organic dairy herds, but does it fit in with the organic creed with its higher standards of animal welfare?" (My emphasis) For the full story see here:
    Posted to Talking Point (Forum) by flutefriend on Wed, Oct 3 2007
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