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  • Re: How do i cut the chickens toe nails?

    Scissors are very unsuitable for cutting the rounded nails of birds and animas, Bill. There is too much side-to-side crushing action, which causes more pain and risks causing ascending cracks and ascending infections. You can buy a pair of proper pet-nail clippers from a petshop or vet, which cut with...
    Posted to Poultry Platform (Forum) by HolisticHealth on Sat, Dec 19 2009
  • Causes of Egg-Drop

    A useful, newly-published article by UK vet David Burch entitled "Egg Drops - Not So Much a Syndrome, More a Production Failure" details the range of Viruses, Bacteria, Mycoplasmas, Parasites and Management factors that can be involved in "Egg-Drop" problems. He comments: "The...
    Posted to Poultry Platform (Forum) by HolisticHealth on Fri, Sep 25 2009
  • Re: Chicken Production Costings

    Some useful comparative production figures for laying hens in intensive and free-range production systems have just been published, covering... Body weight at 18 weeks (kg) Bodyweight at 72 weeks (kg) Age at 50% production (wks) Age at peak production (wks) Peak production (%) Hen-day eggs to 72 weeks...
    Posted to Poultry Platform (Forum) by HolisticHealth on Fri, Sep 25 2009
  • Re: red mite help please

    I have kept a few hens for 8 years now and they have recently become infested with red mite for the 1st time. I am working through the gamut of treatments for the birds and the house, but what about the ground? and the old bedding? I know the mites can live for 36 weeks away from the hens, and that they...
    Posted to Poultry Platform (Forum) by dancing kate on Wed, Aug 12 2009
  • Poultry Post-mortems & Meat Inspections

    I have just discovered that there is now an updated and expanded edition of the popular guidebook on health inspection of poultry carcases "Poultry Inspection: Anatomy, Physiology and Disease Conditions": If you are not familiar...
    Posted to Poultry Platform (Forum) by HolisticHealth on Sun, Jan 11 2009
  • Chickens & Eggs: Grow them healthy, Eat them safely!

    Forum members may be interested in a new book I have been reviewing, on improving performance of poultry, PLUS a super Poultry Meat Inspection/Disease Photo Atlas from Nottingham University... " Formula for the Future: Nutrition or Pathology ? Elevating Performance and Health in Pigs and Poultry...
    Posted to Poultry Platform (Forum) by HolisticHealth on Sun, Dec 14 2008
  • Re: Newcomer to Free Range Egg Production

    You may be interested in some hygiene tips for Free Range Egg Production in this article from this month's Poultry World: Brachyspira infection is a significant business risk in layers now. Michael
    Posted to Poultry Platform (Forum) by HolisticHealth on Tue, Aug 12 2008
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