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  • The mega WI

    “You youngsters like things big,” the old dear in the back of the taxi said to me yesterday morning, sucking in her cheeks. “We prefer small things – small businesses, small farms. “Whole villages will be ripped up to make way for those giant diary farms, it’s disgusting...
    Posted to nufsaid (Weblog) by anonymous on Thu, Jun 9 2011
  • Naked ambition

    I have an confession to make. If you were at the Farmers Club lunch in London yesterday listening to me speak, in my head you were starkers. Yep, that’s right – completely nakey. Even the tablecloth didn’t spare your blushes. Imagining your audience is naked is one of those age-old...
    Posted to nufsaid (Weblog) by anonymous on Tue, Apr 5 2011
  • The language of the CAP

    I can’t remember any German when I need it, but every time I come to French-speaking  Brussels it seems to be the only language that leaves my mouth. Having got off the Eurostar I couldn’t even seem to remember how to ask where the taxi rank was in English. Instead I frightened a poor, unsuspecting ...
    Posted to nufsaid (Weblog) by anonymous on Mon, Mar 28 2011
  • Hats off to a Tweeting hack

    Having experienced magazine envy last week, today I experienced envy of another kind. Latika Bourke is a political reporter for 3AW, a radio station based in Melbourne. Her job is to while away her hours hangin’ out in the Parliament building in Canberra, covering all the goings on in the senate...
    Posted to nufsaid (Weblog) by anonymous on Sun, Dec 5 2010
  • Radio baa baa

    Back home whenever BBC reporter Robert Peston comes on the radio I have to switch him straight off. I’ve always thought he was putting on a ridiculous voice as there was no way anyone could really speak with such a daft tone or drawl, or without any concept of where commas and full stops should...
    Posted to nufsaid (Weblog) by anonymous on Fri, Dec 3 2010
  • Green with Outback envy

    Today I experienced a new emotion: magazine envy. It wasn’t a pretty sight either. Goodness only knows what Mark, the editor of Outback, thought as I sat stupidly gaping as he brought out issue after issue of one of the nicest-looking publications I’ve ever seen. (I realise I’ve broken...
    Posted to nufsaid (Weblog) by anonymous on Thu, Nov 25 2010
  • Resc-ewe mission

    It may have kicked off slowly for some (it’s such a hassle when your blood sugar levels drop and give the symptoms of a hangover, innit?), but today I had a whirlwind education on the world of Australian sheep production. I’d gone along to Meat and Livestock Australia, who are a levy board...
    Posted to nufsaid (Weblog) by anonymous on Wed, Nov 24 2010
  • Sheep and a colour-blind scientist. I hope.

    Fed up with the bedbugs and in need of some fashion tips, I flew to Sydney yesterday to catch up with my favourite sparring partner, drinking buddy and wannabe cowboy, Rob. Rob was over from Perth for a sheep CRC meeting (of which he’s a board member), and had invited me along to an evening [....
    Posted to nufsaid (Weblog) by anonymous on Tue, Nov 23 2010
  • Checking in with chickens

    (A title for Daniel, there) Ol’ Whip-cracker Abram will be happy to know that today I went to a farm. Two farms, in fact and a feed mill. I headed about an hour out of Delhi to a place called Gurgaon. The city’s in the next state to Delhi and is home to about a [...]
    Posted to nufsaid (Weblog) by anonymous on Thu, Oct 14 2010
  • The farming front

    If you were a small child and didn’t fancy the idea of eating carrots, what would be the one thing that would tempt you into trying them? How about a sinister, prancing carrot who not only claims to be a doctor, but also reckons he’s your bestest friend? I wonder if this poster gave Roald...
    Posted to nufsaid (Weblog) by anonymous on Sun, Aug 22 2010
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