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  • Dairy farmers - Ask the Vet!

    Do any dairy farmers have any questions or queries they'd like to run past FW's team of vets? Post them here and I'll do my best to get them answered :)
    Posted to Livestock Lines (Forum) by gemclaxton on Fri, Jan 10 2014
  • FAR - A Long Long Way to Roam

    Yet again I find myself lost with the right words to describe the day at Arable Research in Action, organised by FAR, (Foundation For Arable Research). The annual event is held near Chertsey in the Ashburton District on the Canterbury Plain's and provides levy paying farmers with a fantastic opportunity...
    Posted to Farmer Jake's Blog (Weblog) by anonymous on Thu, Dec 5 2013
  • Pig Health & Diseases Update

    A Summary of information presented to the European Symposium on Porcine Health Management [ESPHM] in Scotland last month is now available online:
    Posted to Livestock Lines (Forum) by HolisticHealth on Sat, Aug 17 2013
  • Intestinal, Respiratory & Joint Diseases of Layers - New UK Research

    New UK research into the treatment of Avian Intestinal Spirochaetosis (AIS), which causes brown, soft, caecal droppings, will be presented at the World Veterinary Poultry Conference in France this coming week. A preview of this research, and of new research into the treatment of Mycoplasmal respiratory...
    Posted to Poultry Platform (Forum) by HolisticHealth on Sat, Aug 17 2013
  • Crop Doctor 2 Helicopter Tour

    Farmers Weekly is again teaming up with Bayer CropScience on a helicopter tour around the regions to investigate disease risk in winter wheat and offer advice on fungicidal disease control ahead of the crucial T2 flag leaf spray timing. Sites visited will again be in Lincolnshire, Yorkshire, Herefordshire...
    Posted to Crop comments (Forum) by Clarkee12 on Fri, May 3 2013
  • bTB research help needed

    Hi all, my son undertaking some research on bovine TB as part of his A level studies. He is interested in finding out the views of farmers and vets on this important issue and has attached a short survey which I hope you be able to spend a few minutes responding to. link to Survey Monkey: http://www...
    Posted to Livestock Lines (Forum) by Roger_B on Sat, Mar 2 2013
  • What's been your biggest health issue this year?

    Over the last 12months Schmallenberg has wreaked havoc on farms right across the UK. Combined with unprecedented wet weather, is not surprising many animals are under performing, and under the weather. But what we want to know is what's been your biggest health issue this year?
    Posted to Livestock Lines (Forum) by Rhian Price on Thu, Feb 21 2013
  • Fungicide programmes 2013

    Farmers Weekly would like to know your disease management plans for this season in a bid to help readers optimise their fungicide programme choices after a difficult 2012. The feedback you give us will help us build a more complete picture of the current disease situation and we will collate and share...
    Posted to Crop comments (Forum) by Clarkee12 on Fri, Feb 8 2013
  • Subarctic plant fungus identified further south than expected

    There have been reports of a plant disease normally found in subarctic climates affecting plants as far south as Herefordshire. The fungus Sclerotinia Subarctica has been identified for the first time in the UK in buttercups and carrots.    University of Warwick plant scientists identified the disease...
    Posted to The Agri Blog (Weblog) by fordtractor7740 on Thu, May 17 2012
  • Re: Sodium lights need to be changed for led grow lights

    Yes you are right, the USA are already investing heavily in LED grow light technology, we ourselves have Universities testing our lights with outstanding results so we need to educate the British growers and help them to save money, increase crop yields and dramatically reduce their carbon footprint...
    Posted to Crop comments (Forum) by Lightman on Mon, May 14 2012
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