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  • Supermarkets play their part....

    When we published the Soapbox article by Andrew Opie of the Brtiish Retail Consortium in April's Poultry World, we were anticipating a deluge of letters from producers and other stakeholders in the poultry sector. But so far our Letters tray lies empty. This is what he said: "Britain’s high...
    Posted to Poultry Platform (Forum) by phil clarke on Fri, Apr 8 2011
  • Research. Please Read & Respond!

    I am currently writing a dissertation, in which I am critically evaluating the relationship between food retailers and producers in the UK; with the aim of highlighting farmers situations. I have read literature that suggests many retailers exert disproportionate powers over producers. The competition...
    Posted to Questionnaires and surveys (Forum) by Acon on Tue, Feb 22 2011
  • Re: Glenrath Farms

    [quote user="fastbikes"] "Supermakets are still charging a fortune for a dozen eggs greedy bas#tards." [/quote] Many things are conspiring to make the egg market an uncomforatble place to be. But Andrew Opie of the British Retail Consortium thinks the supermarkets have done a great...
    Posted to Poultry Platform (Forum) by phil clarke on Sun, Jan 9 2011
  • Supermarkets not to blame for egg price collapse...

    Andrew Opie of the British Retail Consortium put up a robust defense of the supermarkets' actions in relation to the collapse in egg prices on today's Farming Today on Radio 4. According to Mr Opie, the retailers have been paying a sustainable price to packers and producers, have helped promote...
    Posted to Poultry Platform (Forum) by phil clarke on Wed, Jan 5 2011
  • Re: Need a recommendation for a book on Farming developments in last 100 years

    A really important book to read is this one by Agricultural Policy Expert Dr. Richard North.... A very outspoken, down-to-earth and yet factual guide to UK farming and food in the 20th century.
    Posted to Talking Point (Forum) by HolisticHealth on Sat, Oct 31 2009
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