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  • How farming can butter up journalists

    The past few weeks have been very quiet in Farmers Weekly Towers. At one point, there were so few people in the office that I was worried I’d got confused and accidentally come to work on a Sunday. The supply of serious news always tail off during the summer months thanks to the end of [...]
    Posted to nufsaid (Weblog) by anonymous on Wed, Aug 17 2011
  • Green with Outback envy

    Today I experienced a new emotion: magazine envy. It wasn’t a pretty sight either. Goodness only knows what Mark, the editor of Outback, thought as I sat stupidly gaping as he brought out issue after issue of one of the nicest-looking publications I’ve ever seen. (I realise I’ve broken...
    Posted to nufsaid (Weblog) by anonymous on Thu, Nov 25 2010
  • Independent travel

    I booked tickets to fly to Chicago and Toronto today for the first leg of my Nuffield study tour. To say I’m excited is an understatement. I’m now having to confirm the meetings I’ve been tentatively organising over the past few weeks and I’m already thinking I could’ve...
    Posted to nufsaid (Weblog) by anonymous on Sun, May 2 2010
  • Too much information

    Far too many people have shared their toilet habits with me today. I’ve been having a chat with some of the scholars about the farming newspapers they read back home – I’ve brought a couple of issues of FW with me so we’ve been trading agricultural publications on the bus journeys...
    Posted to nufsaid (Weblog) by anonymous on Tue, Mar 9 2010
  • Spilling the beans on badgers

    I went to a media briefing at the Science and Media Centre in London on Monday, but I wasn’t allowed to tell you about because it was under embargo (which means I would’ve been chased by angry scientists with clip boards had I spilled the beans). Anyway, the boffins had called us there to...
    Posted to nufsaid (Weblog) by anonymous on Wed, Feb 10 2010
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