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  • Agriculture videos

    Hello everyone About 1 month ago i set up a YouTube account and i have nearly got 1000 subscribers on my page, so i though i would share it My best video so far
    Posted to Off-topic (Forum) by TheSilageHauler on Wed, Feb 27 2013
  • Chewy and viscous

    I promise to blog about the Soil Association conference properly at some point (I’ll be putting my ranting hat on – be warned), but in the meantime I thought I’d share this with you. One of the rather nice perks of going to the SA conference is the conference goodie bag. As the event...
    Posted to nufsaid (Weblog) by anonymous on Mon, Feb 14 2011
  • Meat, milk and beer – the perfect way to spend a day

    Having seen some great farms together in the United States, the UK Nuffield 2010 Crew decided to keep things a bit closer to home yesterday with a trip to Staffordshire. While a few of us were missing (bad luck to Princess and Peckie for the annoyingly-timed dry spell), we met at fellow scholar George...
    Posted to nufsaid (Weblog) by anonymous on Sat, Sep 4 2010
  • They’re not clones, okay?

    If I read one more headline about cloned cows being in the food chain, I think I’m going to scream. Let’s get this straight, people. You haven’t eaten a clone. You haven’t drunk the milk produced by a cloned cow. Even if you had, it wouldn’t kill you, cause you to grow and...
    Posted to nufsaid (Weblog) by anonymous on Wed, Aug 4 2010
  • Trouble already in DEFRA’s paradise…

    Oh dear, things aren’t looking so good for DEFRA secretary Caroline Spelman – and she hasn’t even been in the job a week. There were rumblings of discontent at the weekend over possible conflicts of interest between Cazza’s new post and her links to food and bio-tech lobbying...
    Posted to nufsaid (Weblog) by anonymous on Tue, May 18 2010
  • Chocs away

    I was asked by a farming chum who was visiting Farmers Weekly Towers yesterday how I managed to get any work done in the office. I hadn’t really thought about it before, but the greyness and lack of natural light isn’t really conducive to creativity, is it? (The office isn’t really...
    Posted to nufsaid (Weblog) by anonymous on Thu, Apr 1 2010
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