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  • Re: FREE Woodchip FOR Corrals

    Dear Farmers My company's offering FREE woodchip with FREE delivery if your within 40 miles of our yards. To apply for your FREE 21 tonne delivery with NO transportation cost either, please email me at Alternatively call 01564 898 753. Ask for Richard Hannay and I shall...
    Posted to Livestock Lines (Forum) by andy the woodchip man on Tue, Feb 17 2015
  • Research (Cattle Behaviour)

    Hi, I am a final year University student at the University of Ulster. I am currently carrying out research into agonistic behaviour in cattle, particularly while being housed. It is my aim to develop a device which will help eliminate the number of injuries within the herd due to this issue. Below is...
    Posted to Livestock Lines (Forum) by dgol92 on Fri, Feb 13 2015
  • Livestock profit margins

    Is anyone able to advise what sort of profit margin farmers in the UK are making per head from raising livestock for meat, ie cattle, pigs, lambs, poultry etc?
    Posted to Livestock Lines (Forum) by pauley on Mon, Sep 22 2014
  • Re: Stress in Farming Women

    Thank you for your support and very relevant comments gentlemen. There is now a total of 112 complete questionnaires. Please continue to complete and share this questionnaire. The questionnaire can also now be found on Facebook and Twitter. 'Stress in Farming Women'.
    Posted to Talking Point (Forum) by Lydia Edwards on Wed, Apr 30 2014
  • Succession

    Even though it's now a countryside program rather than a farmers' bulletin, we can't resist watching Countryfile (the weather forecast isn't bad). The piece about farming apprentices in the northcountry (backed by the Prince's Trust) woke me up - why don't we have something like...
    Posted to Talking Point (Forum) by Red Ruby Heifer on Sun, Mar 10 2013
  • Livestock technology

    What has been the biggest influence, in terms of technology, on your farm? This can include anything from a gadget you've brought for in the parlour, for de-horning or a technology that is used wordwide for breeding.
    Posted to Livestock Lines (Forum) by Rhian Price on Wed, Nov 7 2012
  • Bovine TB

    I would really appretiate it if any welsh cattle farmers could take aquick look at my survey Thanks
    Posted to Livestock Lines (Forum) by Beachbum on Mon, Mar 26 2012
  • Bovine TB

    Cattle Farmers (meat or dairy) in Wales As part of my research, approximately what percentage of your herd have you lost through TB since about the beginning of 2011. And what is your opinion od the new badger culling scheme set fourth by the welsh assembly? Thankyou
    Posted to Livestock Lines (Forum) by Beachbum on Mon, Mar 26 2012
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