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  • Toilet break

    I only ever come to Brussels for work-related stuff, so tonight I decided to see a bit of the city and leg it around the touristy spots before the sun went down. It turns out the place is titchy, and unless I managed to miss a massive chunk of the city out somewhere, I saw [...]
    Posted to nufsaid (Weblog) by anonymous on Mon, Mar 28 2011
  • “It’s starting to blow a bit”

    If I was living in Queensland I’d be starting to wonder who I’d annoyed. After much of the southern part of the state was declared a disaster zone earlier last month thanks to some of the worst flooding ever seen, northern Queensland is now facing it’s own disaster – Cyclone Yasi...
    Posted to nufsaid (Weblog) by anonymous on Wed, Feb 2 2011
  • Settling back in

    I’ve avoided blogging for a week or so, partly to give you a rest and partly because I didn’t trust myself not to just whinge about the fact that England is BLOODY FREEZING. In just 24 hours on a plane I lost 35 degrees. Seriously, I don’t remember it being this cold before. And what’s...
    Posted to nufsaid (Weblog) by anonymous on Tue, Feb 1 2011
  • The cast (and a thank you)

    I’ve gone on about how great it’s been to visit my Nuffield friends, but special mention has to be made to the families who’ve not only put up with a random English girl turning up on their doorstep, but made me feel incredibly welcome. Aside from giving up their beds, doing my washing...
    Posted to nufsaid (Weblog) by anonymous on Thu, Jan 20 2011
  • The end is nigh

    So this is it. After three countries, 101 days, 41 different towns and cities, seven changes in time zone and more than 100 blog posts, I’m on my way home. I’ve met some amazing people along the way, visited incredible farms and businesses, and seen some amazing scenery. I’ve nearly...
    Posted to nufsaid (Weblog) by anonymous on Thu, Jan 20 2011
  • Spuds at Spud’s

    I’ve come to the conclusion I’ll have to start wearing platform shoes if I spend any more time on farms. I understand the need for giant cars when you’re driving across bumpy and muddy terrain, but does the clutch on four-wheel drive cars really have to be so toe-stretchingly far from...
    Posted to nufsaid (Weblog) by anonymous on Thu, Jan 13 2011
  • Floody hell

    I’ve mentioned the rain and floods several times over the past few weeks and months, but things have started to get scary over here in Australia. This is Toowoomba, where I drove through in December: Over the past couple of days, Toowoomba has received as much rainfall in an hour as many states...
    Posted to nufsaid (Weblog) by anonymous on Wed, Jan 12 2011
  • Long-distance Clara, eat your heart out

    I can’t tell if I’m meant to be John Candy or Steve Martin, but I’ve had a bit of a Planes, Trains and Automobiles-esque escapade all in the name of coming to visit the farm of my Aussie bestest, Rob. Rob is a fellow Nuffielder who farms a few sheep and grows a bit of [...]
    Posted to nufsaid (Weblog) by anonymous on Tue, Jan 4 2011
  • Getting wrecked in Fremantle

    I’ve come to the conclusion my Western Australia travel guide should stick to his day job. I hopped on a bus today and headed to the coastal town of Fremantle, which is just outside Perth. Despite being “just a harbour” (R.E-W, 2011), I managed to spend a nice Bank Holiday Monday in...
    Posted to nufsaid (Weblog) by anonymous on Mon, Jan 3 2011
  • HNY

    They certainly know how to do it in Sydney. Happy New Year to everyone back in Blighty, and to the ace friends I’ve made all over the world this year. 2010 wouldn’t have been half as good without you all xxx
    Posted to nufsaid (Weblog) by anonymous on Fri, Dec 31 2010
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