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  • Research (Agonistic Behaviour in Cattle)

    Hi, I am a final year University student at the University of Ulster. I am currently carrying out research into agonistic behaviour in cattle, particularly while being housed. It is my aim to develop a device which will help eliminate the number of injuries within the herd due to this issue. Below is...
    Posted to Questionnaires and surveys (Forum) by dgol92 on Fri, Feb 13 2015
  • Machinery

    Please help! I am not sure where to start on my assignment, as im not mechianically minded!? 1: describe the mechanical priciples and the benefits of each of the following; ploughing, power harrow, drill and fertiliser spreader 2: Select a tractor and compatible (size and horsepower) to carry out the...
    Posted to Questionnaires and surveys (Forum) by Faith_blossom on Mon, Mar 25 2013
  • Any farmers in the (snowy/wet) north of England?

    Hi everyone, I know you are all busy but I'm hoping a few of you will be able to spend 10 mins to complete my survey for my undergrad dissertation at Northumbri Uni. I'm investigating the determining factors in a farmers' decision to adopt (or not adopt) organic methods, but this doesn't...
    Posted to Questionnaires and surveys (Forum) by LeanneD on Wed, Feb 13 2013
  • Have your say on Wind Turbine Installations

    I am looking for responses to the following survey as part of my research into how the government is promoting wind turbines as part of their renewables obligation. I would like to see what your opinion is on installing wind turbines on farming land and the tax benefits behind them. The survey will...
    Posted to Questionnaires and surveys (Forum) by RossG on Thu, Mar 15 2012
  • Farmers' opinions on Agroforestry

    Dear Sir/Madam, My name in Tim Roads and I am studying on the Masters of Land Economy course at the University of Aberdeen. As part of the course I have to complete a dissertation and to do that I have decided to look at the factors affecting the uptake agroforestry in the UK. For this study I have defined...
    Posted to Questionnaires and surveys (Forum) by TimRoads on Tue, Jun 21 2011
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