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  • Pigeon Control

    Hi I have just joined after reading some posts about farmers and pigeon problems on Rape, freshly drilled fields and harvest crops. I am looking to build relationships with some farmers in Norfolk, where we can help each other. I am looking for land that I can shoot vermin (pigeons crows etc) in return...
    Posted to Crop comments (Forum) by peter6371 on Tue, Mar 1 2011
  • Help needed on farmers views towards agri-environmental schemes

    Hi there, I am a student studying Environmental science at university and am in serious need of a bit more data for a project I am doing for ECM. If any of you have a couple of minutes (if that) could you please fill in the answers to the following questions (very small questionnaire)? 1. What size is...
    Posted to Crop comments (Forum) by student@mmu on Fri, Mar 28 2008
  • Re: Maize

    Not a huge amount Tas, at least not compared with France et al. According to DEFRA June 2007 statistics maize accounts for 130,800ha last year (up 5%). In comparison wheat totals 1,693,000ha, barley (all) 566,400ha, oilseed rape 564,200ha, potatoes 105,300ha, sugar beet 122,200ha, beans 116,000ha, peas...
    Posted to Crop comments (Forum) by Mike Abram - Arable Deputy Editor on Wed, Oct 10 2007
  • Wet in France too

    John Barrett was recovering from a week-end break in Paris this morning after a wet spell slowed his wheat drilling in Suffolk last week. "I've got a bit of a thick head but it was worth it. What struck me though was how wet it was also in France. We had about 45mm here last week. But from Calais...
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