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  • Herford-Angus: The HyBrid Vigor

    My Goal : To grow a productive cow calf operation . The question: The outcome of crossing breeding the two breeds. Angus Bull to Hereford female, or Hereford Bull to Angus female. With the two cross options making either Baldie or Brockle , Im wondering in others experiences what are the pros and...
    Posted to Livestock Lines (Forum) by Rubicon on Sun, Dec 21 2014
  • Keltec Bale Slice?

    Just wondering if anybody had any experience with the Keltec Bale Slice? I have watched a YouTube video of it working and am very impressed- what are everybody else's thoughts on it? I've noticed you can also use it for filling mixer wagons.. It also has a bucket attchment from what I have seen...
    Posted to Livestock Lines (Forum) by devonshiredumplings on Wed, Sep 3 2014
  • Sheep tags

    I am currently in year 10 at school and as one of my gcse's I am doing a subject called 'Extended Project'. For this I have decided to study the tracking of livestock. Has anyone got any opinions on tagging,EID's etc? As they would be really helpful for my project. Thanks in advance ...
    Posted to Livestock Lines (Forum) by megz-xx on Thu, Jan 9 2014
  • Re: What needs to done to encourage new entrants into farming?

    Hi. I have tried to follow this debate over time in the press and would like to add my bit to the debate. My own experience is one of disappointment, disadvantage and despondency. You see, I came from a non farming family (though I have distant cousins who farm though I don't really know them and...
    Posted to Livestock Lines (Forum) by wellies50 on Sun, Mar 24 2013
  • Starting out farming

    There's a current post running in 'Talking Point' (look for subject heading 'succession') that might interest any 20- or 30-somethings that have an agric qualification & some experience who are trying to get farming... Check it out.
    Posted to The Next Generation (Forum) by Red Ruby Heifer on Mon, Mar 11 2013
  • Are you on Facebook or do you twitter?

    Just wondering which social media you young farmers use most? Thinking of getting in across it to lure the under-40s to our pedigree herd website... responses please!
    Posted to The Next Generation (Forum) by Red Ruby Heifer on Tue, Feb 19 2013
  • Farming Facebook

    Say there's a middle aged farmer who wants to promote a livestock breed amongst the next generation (there's surely some young farmers around!); is Facebook the place? All the twenty-somethings seem to be 'on' Facebook... Presuming that's a yes to Facebook, I understand the way to...
    Posted to Talking Point (Forum) by Red Ruby Heifer on Tue, Feb 19 2013
  • Lambing Work Wanted

    Im 27 and been working seasonal farm jobs since finishing university. I have not had experience with lambing before but am hoping someone on this website will be willing to give me the opportunity to learn the skills required for this job. I have worked with a shearer in the past and spoken with people...
    Posted to The Next Generation (Forum) by Mikey Pea on Sun, Jan 13 2013
  • Enter Defra's Twitter campaign

    What are the barriers facing your future in farming? Would you like the chance to meet your Farming Minister, David Heath, at the Houses of Parliament in Westminster, London and discuss how to get more young people working in food and farming? Enter our #meetfm Twitter competition. From Wednesday 2 January...
    Posted to The Next Generation (Forum) by Verity Hambrook (Defra) on Tue, Jan 8 2013
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