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18 yr old, Extended NDA student looking for a summer/full time job.

Started by jordansagriphotos

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    im 18 and in my last few weeks of my level 3 extended diploma in agriculture course. i am looking for a job where i will be tested to my limits and where i will learn new things. i want to be able to use my experiences in the past in challenging working environment. I have my loader, MIG welding, ATV and PA1 certificates. i have someone prepared to train and test me for my PA2 and PA4 S & G if the equipment is available.

    i have worked on arable farms up to 7000+ acres opperating tractors in excess of 200HP. i am used to doing multiple machinery jobs from cultivations, carting various crops, muck/slurry work and silage work. i am not afraid of hard work and i will use pressure washers, brooms and shovels with no questions asked. last year i spent over 350 hours picking wild oats over 2500 acres, strimming, knapsac spraying and cleaning grainstores & dryers before undertaking my tractor driving duties.

    i am legal to drive tractors on the road but do not yet have my full UK licence. i am also willing to work anywhere in the country as long as there is accomodation. i will work with stock and do have quite allot of dairy experience but i will work with sheep ect… (im not great at shearing though!)

    if you are interested email me for a copy of my CV and to see any references.


    i am also a young self tought photographer and if required can take as many photos as wanted. this has been found to help businesses in the past and farmers also have something to look back on.


    tractor mad cocotractor mad coco

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    re the photography it really is a good thing to do i take my camera with me alot of the time and it only takes two minuetes to take a photo and its well worth it at the end of the day when you look back

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)