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Class Celtics 446 rx start problems =/

Started by smileymiley

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    hi all

    My dad recently purched a class celtics 446rx very tidy 2500 hours very nice, as he bought it from a auction we went down monday to fetch it. And we struggled to get it started we bleed the pump and screwed of a injector pipe. (still had the paint on them so have never been done before) still would not spit fuel, left it for ten mins, to fetch some more tools came back turned the key the fuel was there ,started up stright away screwed the injector pipe back on, and drove off 60 mile home no problem didnt stutter or seem to lack power, at all.


    Anyway next morning same problem again and repeated as above and then ran fine for the day. Then this wednesday, i changed all the fuel filters and , still to no evail ,Still same problem ive checked all fuel lines for leaks in pipes and joints and also checked fuel solenoid for for resistance which reads 20ohms so thats seem perfectly fine .Im takeing lifter pump off today to check for pressure but after this i have no idea.  hope you guys can help ?!!!!

    All the best Miles p.s. sorry 4 the grammer doing all this on my phone



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    No excuse for bad grammer  …………… regardless [;)]

    Check the bleed off pipes from the injectors for sucking air especially over night. 

    If you have a hand primer on the fuel line use it first thing to see it it will fire-up any better?

    Put a small test bulb on the feed wire tot the solenoid on the pump, to see if it always gets power from the key?

    But it sounds like air getting in when stopped overnight. Some have even put an on/off tap on the supply to see if it stops the fuel running back into the tank when stopped.

    You didn’t buy it in Wolverhampton did you? Well vexed, as we had an eye on one there

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    It might be the stop solenoid on the pump thats sticking or it might be the ecu box on the side of the engine( probs about 800!). Just a few thoughts, not saying they will sort your problem tho!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)