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Crop catch-up for Sigma Team members

Started by ros lloyd

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    ros lloydros lloyd

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    NK’s Nigel Padbury visited James Chamberlain last week.  As well as a Sigma Team member James also grows seed crops for NK.  Logon to the Sigma Team photo gallery – images of the NK Molten and NK Bravour crops have been uploaded – we visited both fields during the third Sigma Team meeting.  Nigel thought the crops looked good although the photos were taken on a dull day.

    James has been following GrowHow’s N-Min recommendation plan – the NK Bravour picture shows one of the crops used in the comparison.  James believes there are no visual differences between the high and low N crops – which should be good news!  In fact he is so impressed at the results – Tom Land has produced recommendations using N-Min for James’s wheat crops.

    James has commented that he though the low N crop had a stronger smell.  Any theories?

    Catching up with Andrew Ward – he shares James’s enthusiasm for the lower N regime, particularly the cost savings.  So we wait for the yield comparisons… 

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)